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In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes

It was an outstanding pleasure to be featured in this documentary directed by Freddie Bell. I believe that they captured the true essence of how a woman feels when she places a new pair of shockingly impressive shoes on her feet. It is true, she feels like Wonder Woman did in her sexy red boots…like she could conquer the world.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7YYCVh6hTk]

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your feet is important ladies. Make sure that you find comfortable and cute shoes when attending functions that will have you on your feet for long hours. However, don’t be afraid to wear something tall and sexy for a short period of time when going out on a hotttt date. Men love to see ladies in heels…regardless of your age ?

Your Favorite Shoe Lady

Affirmation: I Believe in Me.

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