Nicole J Wheatly

Highly inspired Nicole J Wheatly has worked over the past 20 years as a Community Development Planner with a strong emphasis in Business and Housing Development.  She was the Founder of Sensual Steps Shoe Salon a premiere high fashion shoe boutique in the heart of the Bronzeville community. She also owns, Steps Inc. Consulting, a community development organization that provides comprehensive community plans to improve the quality of businesses, housing, education, social services and health/security. Nicole is the Founder of Providing U Motivation to Pursue Success, known as P.U.M.P.S., it is a nonprofit education and neighborhood revitalization organization that is committed to strengthening neighborhoods and lives through home-ownership and business creation.

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The Remarkable Women’s Conference

In the very makeup of a woman is the inherent ability to better any environment she walks into. The problem is that many women don’t realize the power they possess. It is our goal and mission to remind women of their ability. We intend to embolden individuals who may be struggling beneath the circumstances of life by showing them their true purpose and power.

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Thanks to Our Sponsors

I am indebted to our sponsors for their generosity. Without their help I would not be able to accomplish as much as I do yearly!

I encourage everyone to thank our sponsors by frequenting their place of business whenever possible.

Innovative and Comprehensive Community Development