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Chicago’s Southside: Finding beauty in what’s around you

Chicago’s Southside: Finding beauty in what’s around you

Why keep probing for an impeccable area when beauty is staring us in between our eyebrows?

While many may think they are getting the crème de la crème in the Northern region of Chicago, sometimes it is more bang for your buck down south.

A prime example would be these two properties below. One is on the Northside (left photo) while the other is on the Southside of the city (right).


These are the dimensions according to Realtor.com

Listed below is the price, size and features of each home. The property on the Northside of Chicago, is $539,100 more than the Southside property.

Northside property (Logan Square): 2314 N Leavitt St Chicago, 60647: 4 bedroom 2 bath 3,485 sq. ft. lot

This building is a two-flat unit with a total of 10 rooms, a full basement and a three-car garage.


Southside property (Auburn Gresham community): 7741 S. Union Ave, Chicago, 60620: 11 beds, 3 baths, 4,792 sq. ft. lot.

This 3-unit home includes a full basement, balcony, enclosed porch and two-car garage with a total of 23 rooms.


Both properties were built within a year of each other. The Southside property was built in 1902 while the Northern property was in 1901.

Of course one reason for the differentiation in price is location. But the question becomes, does it really take that much to live? A person is pretty much paying for where they live and not how they live in terms of interior and exterior.

Both properties are vastly different in dimension. Bed and bathrooms differ in number, yet someone is paying so much more to stay in another area. So my advice to you is that you do not have to pour so much in buying a property.

One can get more for their money by simply staying on the Southside. Think about it like this: In our communities, the more valuable people we have, the more value we can put back into our areas. Change is in the people, not the area. There is so much beauty and history in the city of Chicago and the Southside is inclusive of this.

Take a look at more pictures from the different neighbors at Realtor.com. Compare the pictures. Study those photos. We don’t have to explore further and invest in other communities when we have the ability to thrive in our own.

If people began to invest into homes and businesses located in Auburn Gresham, Englewood, Chatham and South Shore (just to name a few) neighborhoods would flourish. We can bring so much experience and build an even bigger melting pot on this side of town, just by taking time in it.

This part of the city is a work in progress, but beauty lies within the struggle. If we put as much time into communities like this like we do with other things, the city would go undoubtedly far.

Buying homes and other properties will help build this side of town to its highest potential. No need to look any further when the cream of the crop is dripping, effortlessly in your face.

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